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How to Add New Products to Your Regimen

How to Add New Products to Your Regimen
How to Add New Products to Your Regimen

New product I plan to try

We all love the thrill of trying new products. The promise of using something innovative that could potentially deliver soft, manageable, shiny hair is alluring. Well before you slather your strands with that promising new product, take the following steps to ensure you have a successful experience.

First, check the ingredients. At the beginning of my journey, I wasn’t sure what ingredients worked for my hair because I never paid attention. If you’re a hair journey newbie, then you may need to do research on different ingredients and their benefits.

For the self-proclaimed hair guru, you already know what ingredients work (and more importantly what does not work) for your hair. So decide whether to use a product based on your past experience.

12 weeks new-growth taken 4/12/12

Next, if you relax your hair then consider trying the new product when you have the least amount of new-growth. For most of us, our new-growth makes our hair more prone to tangling. So by using a new product when you have little to no new-growth, you minimize the risk of increased tangling.

Here are some other tips to keep in mind:

  • Always test the product on a small section of hair or on shedded hair before you use it on your entire head. 
  • Only incorporate one new product at a time. 
  • Read product reviews written by women with your same hair type and texture.
I’m excited about trying the Chi Nourish Intense conditioner pictured above and will use it after my relaxer and post a review. 
What new product have you added to your regimen?


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