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My Newest Hair Fascinator

My Newest Hair Fascinator
My Newest Hair Fascinator

I love hair fascinators and wish I could wear them more often. Sadly, such hair accessories are frowned upon in a corporate work environment. I bought this fascinator to wear to my grandmother’s funeral this past weekend. I’m not sure what the age is when women can start wearing hats to church, so I opted for a veiled fascinator.

You know those people who can cry and still look like themselves? I’m not one of those people. When I cry, my face does contortions. I chose to wear a veiled fascinator to provide some cover so I could grieve in private (and not scare the children). 

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MsNastassja wore a beautiful jewel encrusted head band. The poor dear, my fascinator kept attacking her face.

Do you wear hats to church? What’s the customary age to start wearing hats to church?

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