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When “Life” Gets in the Way

Hi friends!

Gosh, I’ve missed you guys. It’s been way too long since my last post. What have I been up to you ask? In two words: a lot.

My Book. The book is coming along splendidly. I had to find another Copy Editor because the first one I planned to used was no longer a viable option. But everything happens for a reason and I’m practicing patience with the writing process. The release date will still be this summer.

My Hair. I’ve been wearing my wig for the past six weeks and I’m loving the freedom from having to style my hair everyday. I’m also loving that I don’t have to wash my hair every weekend. My scalp has been behaving well enough that I can successfully wash the leave-out hair only and not experience itching.

This weekend is the first time that I’ve worn my real hair out. I’m down in Florida for MsNastassja’s engagement party and didn’t want to risk feeling hot. It is great being able to rub my scalp, but I got used to not worrying about the wig LOL. I have to actively remind myself about cotton and handbags straps with my real hair.

So how about I lost my silk hair bonnet. I took it off when hubby got home one day, and can’t remember where I put it. It’s in the house, but its been two weeks since I’ve misplaced it, so I’m going to order another one this week. Any website suggestions of where to buy a 100% silk bonnet? The website I used back in 2008 is sadly out-of-business now.

My Life. Life has been good, but busy. I was sick for about one month with a horrible cold. I’ve taken up yoga at the suggestion of my horseback riding instructor. My wig is actually comfy enough for me to wear during yoga. I’m planning to enter my first riding competition next month. Work is work; not as much fun as my book LOL.

So what have you been up to these past few weeks?

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