Your Guide to

Growing Long Hair

Length Chart

The hair length chart is the proverbial double edged sword in your hair journey. It has the potential for either motivating you or discouraging you along your way. Avoid using it for the latter. Remember that everyone had to start somewhere and regardless of your starting point, you can reach your goals.

The challenge of ear-length hair is often finding a variety of protective styles that help retain length. Extensions can be used as a protective style. If your hair is relaxed, there is also the issue of maintaining the look of straight hair without relaxing too often.

This length presents the same challenges as ear-length hair. However, the hair is now long enough to be pulled into a ponytail. Take care that your ponytail is not putting excessive stress on your ends.

Shoulder-length is the proverbial “hump” to long hair. The biggest challenge is that at this length, your ends are in constant contact with your shirt collar, jewelry, and coats; all of which can either dry out your ends or break them. At shoulder-length, wear up-dos or extensions to overcome this “hump” and reach armpit-length.

This was an excerpt from The 5 Hair Archetypes discussing challenges and tips for each length milestone.